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Data Collection

This document describes the official privacy policy LikesCafe. The user is advised to read the privacy policy and to ensure that he / she has no ambiguity in reference to any point of the Privacy Policy.

The user is informed that when visiting, using and continuing to use or subscribe to a package of services, it is presumed that the user has accepted all the points of the privacy policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, please do not use LikesCafe and Services.

What information we collect:

We collect the following information from our users and use in order to complete the transaction, the work and maintaining our financial or strategic information:

• Name
• Business Name
• User name of client’s social media account
• Email
• Phone number
• User preferences and history of internet use for optimization of the services by employing the cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small piece of data consisting of a string of text only information submitted by a particular Web site and are stored in the hard disk of the machine. They collect data on browsing preferences and history, and any other information that the user provided on the website.

Our Cookies

Our cookies are designed to give the user an optimal use of The information collected is also used for general marketing and statistical analysis. Our cookies do not collect personal data of the user. Some cookies are communicated to the hard drive of the user by a third party. LikesCafe has no affiliation with that party. LikesCafe disclaims all liability for these cookies. The client is advised to read the respective policies of third or block their entry.

How to Stop Cookies

By default, the browsers are set to accept cookies. The user can choose to disable cookies if he / she does not want to address in the user's computer by changing browser settings. It is also possible to configure the setting to some and denying others access to the user's computer or configure the browser to notify you when a cookie hits browser. The "Help" section of the browser can help users manage the preference of cookies

Security and Confidentiality of the Information

LikesCafe respect the privacy of the user. LikesCafe employs a sophisticated security system to ensure that such information is within the LikesCafe confidence of staff and uses it on the "basis of the need to know." Related payment information is encrypted using the highly trusted SSL technology. LikesCafe has taken all possible measures to protect the information on the user's sure. LikesCafe disclaims liability for LikesCafe fails to maintain security due to causes beyond the LikesCafe reasonable control.


May LikesCafe change, modify or Amend the Privacy Policy at Any Time without prior notice. The Amended Version of `` shall be Privacy Policy effective after-time time immediately it is posted on

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